photo of Kitchen Counter - After, Kula, Maui Renovation


Marshall Design Studio, LLC is based on Maui and was founded by Jane and Gary Marshall. We provide professional services in the fields of interior design, architecture, space planning and lighting design. We share a life-long passion for the art and craft of interior design and architecture. Our passion for design defines our lifestyle and informs every decision we make.

Our combined experience of over 70 years gives us the knowledge and resources to successfully execute projects across a wide range of types and sizes. Our broad experience also gives us the ability to reach beyond what is easily expressed and capture the subjective goals and values of our clients.We believe well-designed environments facilitate successful living and working.

We want our clients to be delighted and uplifted by the spaces we create. Our definition of success is helping our clients to complete projects that fully achieve their unique goals and aspirations. For that reason, we do not have a signature style. We believe the character of each project must evolve from a design process that focuses on the client’s needs, lifestyle, and building context.

We also believe that good design has a timeless quality that outlasts current fads and fashions. We strive to achieve designs that will be as appealing thirty years in the future as they were when new.

Our designs are always respectful of local characteristics and the environment. We are committed to conserving energy and preserving natural resources through sustainable practices in design, material selection, and construction. Sustainable design also ensures that our projects will have lasting value and that our clients will get the maximum return on their investment.

We believe good design is always possible. Design constraints imposed by a tight budget, difficult site conditions, regulatory requirements, or other factors are simply challenges to be met.

Last, but not least, we believe in close communication and collaboration with our clients. For a project to be successful, there must be continuous sharing of ideas and information during all phases of the design process.

Photo Credit: Kula, Maui House Renovation by Marshall Design Studio, LLC